Monday, August 2, 2010

Brooklyn Indie Market

Happy Monday! This past Saturday was my first time showing at the Brooklyn Indie Market and I just loved every minute of it. The people were so kind and we were surrounded by so many other amazing designers. We were also super lucky - the weather was simply amazing! I have to thank my super awesome husband for spending 10 hours of his Saturday to help me and keep me company. <3

I went to my very first blogger meet up on Sunday! I met some amazing really ladies, had some really great conversation and had some delicious food - I wish I took home some of Brandi's raspberry and chocolate scones. They're sooooo good!

How was your weekend?


  1. awww loved your set up at the brooklyn indie market! and props to your hubby for spending the 10 hours with you, soo sweet!! i can't wait to meet up with you in person... it's been way TOO long!!!

  2. I'll make you some more soon. Are you going to show at the Brooklyn Indie Market again before the summer is over? I'd so love to head there, and it would be an extra bonus if I could stop by and hang out with for you a bit too when I go.

  3. oh how fun! your set-up looks fabulous. wish i could have been there. :)

    all these amazing art fairs are so far away from me. :(

    thanks for sharing the pics!!

  4. Wow I am loving the set up it seems like there are so many great festivals and markets in NY in the winter time. Your hubs is definitely a trooper!

  5. I think I'll definitely have to hit up the Brooklyn Indie before summer is out and check out your stuff in person! I was on your shop last night and everything was so cute.

    It was so nice meeting you yesterday. Thank you for the beautiful necklace. Hope we'll get to do it again some time (maybe at the market :) )

  6. wow - looks amazing! And what a man your husband is!

  7. looks amazing ! I am loving the set up it looks like festivals seasons is coming. All are amazing art fairs. I will definitely go for it.