My name is Janie and I'm the owner + designer of We Heart Paper, a boutique design studio that specializes in custom design letterpress goods.  I work closely with couples to channel their inspiration and personalities into the perfect wedding invitations, assist small companies with logo design and business collateral and hopefully encourage the practice of a heartfelt, hand written note. 

I live in Los Angeles, California with my awesomely supportive husband and our two dogs, Barley - a slightly neurotic but lovingly sweet lhasa apso and Zoey - a tiny shih tzu princess that knows she is too cute for words and thinks she rules our household.

I've always been in love (okay, maybe obsessed is a better word) with paper goods and pretty things.  When I purchased my first press, a Chandler and Price Pilot Press, it was kismet.  Before landing in my possession, the vintage press had a long history of making wondrous paper goods.  Now I use the craft heirloom and strive to uphold the letterpress tradition in our digital world.

Janie Hearts... is a collection of my favorite things and design inspiration with little excerpts of my life in between.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you stay a while.  


(photo credit: Jenna Cole Photography)