Friday, July 16, 2010


You've all read a little about Ryan and I... now it's time for me to introduce our fur babies.

Barley is our older one, almost 2 and a half years old. He's a Lhasa Apso, the breed hails from Tibet, though I'm certain he's never been there before, he does spend a bit of his time digging... maybe he thinks he found a shortcut. He hates being without us (which makes us feel super loved), is slightly neurotic but incredibly sweet. His favorite past time? Snuggling.

Coming in at about 10 lbs, Zoey is a fiesty Shih Tzu that takes charge, never letting her big bro forget that she is the boss - even if she is more than half his size and 8 months his junior. She's knows she is too cute for words (you HAVE to see her prance around our bed) and thinks she rules the household.

Ryan described them perfectly in an email he sent me recently:
"If our kids were human, Zoey would move out when she is 18 to live with her doormat boyfriend who does whatever she says. And Barley would be our 30 year old son who still lives at home in the basement and eats dinner with us every night."

It perpetually amazes me how different the personalities of our furry friends can be. What have your experiences been with your pets? Are they as different as B + Z?


  1. I love your husbands description of your kids. I have to say that my Owen (black lab mix) would stay at home forever if he were a child. He lives and breathes for my husband. My Moby cat is a mamma's boy but definitely independent. I bet he would want to stay home and have everything paid for but then expect to be able to do what he wants. Oh the life of cats. Loved seeing your babies.

    P.S. My parents have had a Lhasa Apso and a Shih tzu before they are very loving pups.

  2. Lol, they are soooo cute! My Fancy would love a Shitzu or Lhasa. We have a 3lb Maltese named George a.k.a. "perfect" the best dog ever and we have a very naughty Frenchie Bellas a.k.a Turkey, she's a menace to society, sigh...

  3. Janie, I just want to squeeze and love them both!! They're so cute. I'm tempted to ask you to start posting ridiculously cute pup videos. My parents have two rescue dogs -- one pure bred miniature dachshund and one mini dachshund/terrier(?) mix. I grew up a dog person but somehow ended up with three cats: Marty (a double rescue -- adopted from the pound by an ex boyfriend, who I then took from him because Marty wasn't being treated well), Hugo (a fat orange cat I got from a student), and Cami (a little calico cat my mother found in the dumpster where she works). I hated cats growing up, but I fell in love with these three and their personalities: Marty is in charge and likes to snuggle but only on his terms, Hugo is the biggest cuddle and baby around, and Cami is the socialite of the group.

  4. I love these names (especially Barley.) So clever + cute!

  5. They are too cute. We took a walk to the dog park today. keep in mind that we do not own a dog. but I like to just watch them run around and play. it fills the void.

    xx Kirby

  6. Your babies are so stinkin adorable!! :) Our Jordan puppy is the complete opposite. She's super laid back, never barks, sleeps alllll day. She loves to rest her head in your lap and cuddle!