Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Friday from Zoey

Happy Friday all! This has been one of my busiest weeks to date so I'm looking forward to some R+R this weekend with Ryan and the pups. I wanted to send you all off with some pictures of Zoey. Last winter, I agreed to make some chiffon & tulle flowers for a friends wedding - hair pieces for the bridesmaids. I had a few extra lying around that didn't make the cut for the wedding but were perfect on Zoey (right???). I couldn't resist and subjected her to a photo shoot with some flowers and strands of pearls - don't fret, I showered her with treats after the 5 minute photo session. She's a natural isn't she?


  1. She certainly knows how to work that camera. The poof on her is too cute.

  2. Zoey is absolutely adorable in that hair piece. She doesn't look like she's hating it all that much ;)

  3. Your Zoey is too adorable!!