Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ryan = Awesome

(Disclaimer: Gushy post to follow)

So obviously, it's Janie hearts Ryan week.
I seriously have the best husband in the world.

For Valentine's day, my hubby dearest surprised me with a beautiful heart box (adorned with gorgeous ribbon rosettes to boot!) from Godiva. But guess what? Instead of finding chocolates inside, he had emptied it out and filled it to the brim with all my favorite candies. I know what you're all thinking - that this is blasphemy... but I've never been much of a chocolate girl and he wanted to find a pretty heart box. He even went to Dylan's Candy Bar and hand picked (er... scooped?) tons of green gummy bears (from the mixed flavor bins because he knew I find the all green gummy bear bins to taste funny) in both regular size and mini! He didn't stop there though. I love these Japanese jelly bean like candies called Poifulls. While they're available in NY, inventory varies and he trekked all around the city to find them for me. Now that's love.

Ryan: I heart you more than poifulls, gummy bears, grapefruit slices, nerds, nerds rope + twizzlers. All put together. Thank you for an amazing week. xoxo

(I think the chocolates are hanging out in a ziplock bag in his desk at work... any takers?)

I probably should have taken a picture of everything before I ate all the candy... But the heart box is pretty, right? :)


  1. Janie, you really do have the best, most thoughtful husband in the world. No one has ever done anything like this for me before; it definitely melts your heart. I wouldn't have been able to snap a photo before eating the candy either. When it's full of your favorites, you can't really wait.

  2. SO SWEET!! :) It's even sweeter that he's still so thoughtful after these many years! :) So sweet! :)

  3. so pretty...and what a sweet hubby-a keeper indeed! my kids love dylan's...

  4. aw this is SO sweet! i love it - esp when he loves you more than gummi bears. that is alot of love!! ;) (i love gummi bears - hehe)

  5. okay that is the sweetest ever!! Way to go hubby!

  6. That is such a cute idea! Props to your husband for being so creative! Hehe...I like how he just bought the Godiva chocolates for the box. I'm not much of a fancy chocolate kind of girl myself. I would like my box filled w/ Twix, Kit Kats and Hershey's. :)