Monday, February 7, 2011

El Rastro de Madrid

El Rastro, only open on Sundays and holidays, is Madrid's largest and most popular flea market and also, hands down, the most amazing flea market I've ever visited. It's packed with incredible finds from antiques to handmade textiles to delicious tapas restaurants along the way. I wish I had more time to scour the market though I did manage to get a vintage perfume bottle and a few skeleton keys (with a little bit of haggling, no less!). :) I could spend all my Sunday's antiquing at El Rastro.


  1. All I want to know is how quickly can I buy some plane tickets and get there. I'm really dreaming of going to Spain now, especially with so many gorgeous antiques. Love these photos, Janie. The last reminds me so much of the days I used to dream about finding a key that opened a mysterious door somewhere.

  2. This is reason enough to fly out to Madrid. I adore flea markets...and those old European finds must be seriously stunning!! LOVE that you took photos & shared with us, Janie ;)

  3. Gorgeous photographs. I'm dying to thrift through old flea markets, especially in international locations! (The souks in Morocco are next on my list) Looks like an amazing trip!