Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Red Hook + Lobster Pound

In midst of our hectic days, Ryan and I took a quick stroll through Red Hook, Brooklyn a few weeks back - discovering the area but mostly because I needed to try out the Red Hook Lobster Pound. The lobster rolls are filled with enormous pieces of delicious lobster. If you're a lobster lover like me, you absolutely need to check it out (if you haven't already).

Red Hook is home to great little shops and restaurants (and a fantastic fairway) & a picturesque view of our lady liberty.

Side note: the waste receptacles too awesome! (shown below)

Ryan opted for the warm, Connecticut styled roll...

I chose the Maine style :)

Since this trip, we've returned once more because I raved about it for days straight. Delicious!


  1. Great photos, Janie! I'll need to add Red Hook to my list of places to visit (especially if they have lots of cute little shops there).

    Have a fantastic weekend, my dear!

  2. omg, the lobster looks DELICIOUS! I could totally go for one right about now!

  3. YUM!!! Binh has been searching for a lobster roll down here! We want a great meaty one like that!! All the ones we've tried are too piecey- and just not right. miss you!

  4. AMAZING. and these photos are to die for :) xo

  5. Oh man that lobster looks great and I don't even like seafood. Your photos are lovely lady!

  6. looks like you two had a great time!! and those puppies are the cutest!

    I recieve the stationary in the mail yesterday. I LOVE them! thank you so much!

    I'll be in touch soon, I am working on desiging my wedding stationary and will have some questions about printing and some side projects for you.

    xx Kirby