Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sonja and Binh - Wedding Invitations

The amazing pictures from their wedding were taken by Becka and Nate of Studio222. View the rest of the teasers from Sonja and Binh's wedding here.

I had the pleasure of printing wedding invitations for one of my dearest friends, Sonja and her, now, husband Binh. Sonja and I met 8 years ago on a study tour in Taiwan. Sonja is one of the most genuine, sweetest and kindest people I have ever met, and although, unfortunately, I was unable to attend, the wedding being 1000 miles away and 2 weekends before my own, I was thrilled to play a small part in their special day. This three color invitation is clean, chic and classy, like their beautiful wedding. You are one lucky man, Binh. ;)

1 comment:

  1. love these invitations that you made for their wedding janie!! they are absolutely stunning!!! and sonja and binh just looked absolutely wonderful on wedding day! =) yay for loveboat2k2!!