Monday, August 26, 2013

summer adventures

A little more than two months ago, Ryan and I ventured on a two week cross country adventure that ended in our new home state, Rhode Island.  Ryan just graduated with his MBA from USC and was offered a position at Hasbro.  A tiny part of me wishes that we had more time to explore the states that we drove through but two weeks is a long time to live out of a few suitcases with two adults and two pups crammed in an SUV for hours at a time.  However, it is definitely an experience of a lifetime - something I'm not too sure I'd jump at to do again but will never forget.

Relocating in Providence, RI has been an adjustment.  It's a small but beautiful city - though I miss the hustle and bustle of big cities like NYC and LA.  It is also nice to be closer to our families as we're both from the east coast.  If anyone has any recommendations for places to visit or restaurants to try, please drop me a line. We're looking forward to exploring our new city!

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