Monday, February 11, 2013

Conversation Hearts

Around the end of January every year, I find myself stockpiling conversational hearts as if there's a coming apocalypse and my life depends on it.  They're ridiculously addictive but far from "good" candy.  Simply put, they're so cute and having them around just makes me happy!

That's why I love all of the DIY conversation hearts floating around the interweb.  Just as cute (if not cuter) and much, much tastier!

With a few tiny drops of food coloring,
these cookie cutters will quickly turn your favorite cookie dough recipe
into the perfect little treat.
conversation heart cookie cutters from Sur La Table

 I love the idea of stamping sweet messages on iced cookies
 I can't wait to try them out (though I bet my cakes won't be half as pretty).

And lastly... these are not edible but they are freaking adorable!


  1. love the iced cookie idea...that martha knows her stuff! ;)

  2. I totally want iced heart-shaped cookies too! Delicious and the perfect way to get a message across (I could use some help).