Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Palazzo Viviani

I've been getting a little restless lately and dreaming of a romantic getaway. The Palazzo Viviani fits the bill. Perfectly. Situated on a hilltop near Rimini, Italy, the Palazzo Viviani (a 14th century, medieval castle no less) would be a dream to stay in and play princess for a weekend.

(The amazing photos are from Jetsetter - speaking of which, the Palazzo Viviani is on sale at Jetsetter and the nightly rates are extremely reasonable. If anyone decides to go, I'd happily accompany you. In your suitcase.)


  1. Sooo pretty! Take me, take me!!! :)

  2. You and Ryan need to book tickets to this place now. A castle above the clouds? It's just stunning. Maybe we can put all the money we make from our business straight into our savings accounts so we can take some awesome vacations.