Monday, September 19, 2011

An East Coast Girl at Heart

Normally around this time of year, I'd start bringing out my fall and winter clothing in anticipation of my favorite season, autumn, and half-dreading the winter to come. I start living in boots, comfy sweaters and warm scarves. Autumn brings around my birthday, as well as my mom's, plus the air becomes refreshingly cool and brisk and the leaves start changing into gorgeous colors. Now that we no longer live in New York, I'm not sure what to expect here in LA. It kinda bums me out. Speaking of being bummed, after trying so many different types (brands, styles, etc.) of boots over the years, I found my perfect boot. I've gone through 5 or 6 different pairs of the Enzo Angiolini 'Zoot' boot (pictured above) and I wish I was smart enough to stock up because I cannot find it in my size. Anywhere.

What is your favorite season? Does it correlate to a special memory? Also, if anyone has any recommendations for their favorite fall boot, please send it over!



  1. I completely get you here, I never really understood "dressing for fall/winter" until I moved to the East coast. I love wearing warmer clothes! I will be moving to Seattle in a few years so I still get to enjoy it but it's a big change from being in Cali.

    My favorite season will always be fall, all the pretty colors

  2. Aww - I'm sorry you won't be getting to experience the beautiful autumn weather of New York this year! :( You can still wear your favorite boots around here though ;) Let me know your size and I'll go boots-hunting from you!

  3. I definitely miss fall and layering. Once your blood thins out and the temperature hits 60 in the evening (November to March), you can bundle up to your heart's delight!

    What I don't miss is having a pile of un-paired gloves or losing scarves and hats.

  4. You better share those boot selections with me. I've been hunting for one for the past few years and haven't had any lucky (darn giant calves of mine). This outfit is awesome. I only wish I could send you a piece of autumn. You'll find living in California that you'll always be torn between two coasts after living in both places. It's torture.

  5. My favorite season would be winter. But of course it's because I live in tropical weather and I cannot stand humid, hot weather. How I wish I could experience the Autumn and see the leaves change colors. I would also love to dress for the season ^^ I love the images you've posted, so lovely!