Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Painted Furniture

We were originally going to replace most of our furniture once we settled into our new apartment in LA but scouring the web for fun, colorful pieces only led to hopelessness - the price tags are depressing! I'm simply not willing to starve myself for weeks just to be able to afford a coffee table... We probably can't move all of our furniture but there are a few pieces we currently own that can use a face lift. I have absolutely no experience painting furniture/walls, etc. so keep your fingers crossed for me!

My first attempt in painting furniture: It's not completely finished yet - I'm going to lightly sand it down and give it one last coat but I'm really happy with the results!


  1. JANIE! Two things! 1) Craigslist is worth the time to find what you want for the price you want, but it takes a LOT of patience, a ton of e-mailing and organizing and a competitive spirit (because good pieces go quickly!). Our entire apartment was furnished by Craigslist: couch and love seat $300, world market coffee table $100, dining table with leaf and 6 chairs $125. If you have the time to search, I would highly recommend it! 2) I painted our dining table and chair black. I used Rustoleum's spray paint and I would highly recommend it. I would also advise going to your local hardware store and asking the paint experts for advice and a good primer to finish your furniture with. Other than that outlets are a huge money saver for sure!

    Sorry about the long comment but I'm super excited for you guys (and so bummed I won't see you in NY!). Good luck!

  2. Love the painted furniture, especially that aqua sideboard/buffet up top. I've always wanted to paint my own furniture, but I've only had experience painting old cabinets at my parents house. There's a lot of sanding involved!

  3. I see a lot of flea markets in your future! And definitely take Viv's advice -- check out craigslist. I've gotten some of my favorite pieces on there. I can't wait to do the same when I get to NYC.

  4. i think it looks great. la is full of flea market and bargain finds. you'll build a home you love one piece at time.

    yay for california living. wink wink.

  5. your table looks great! i also love the table with mismatched chairs!