Friday, May 20, 2011

Just Unpacked at One Sydney Road

I've always thought that Piper of One Sydney Road has amazing taste. I mean, have you seen the beautifully curated selection in the shop? This time she has completely outdone herself because when I saw these bags, my jaw hit the floor. Want. Covet. Drool. I can picture myself toting one along to a farmers market and stock piling delicious fare. Stop by OSR and pick one out for yourself. STAT. (Images from One Sydney Road)


  1. love these totebags! esp the "fresh" one.

  2. janie, you are too cute!! thanks for the awesome shout out. i'm with you - my jaw hit the floor too when i saw these bags - i was like "i MUST have them no matter what it takes" :)

  3. awesome! I might have to get one of these...


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