Friday, February 25, 2011

Fortune Cookie Coin Purse + Happy Friday

I would gladly skip the fortune cookies that come with our chinese takeout for one of these little beauties by Diana Eng. [ Found via The Dieline ]

Tonight, Ryan and I are having dinner with my parents at one of my new favorite restaurants. I can't wait for some salmon toro, yaki udon and a cold pint of Sapporo. Do you have anything special planned for this weekend?


  1. These are very cute! And when did this new site design go up? It's fantastic, Janie! Not much planned for me this weekend -- just some brunches and time with friends. Oh, and papers to work on. Happy Friday, darling!

  2. These are seriously so cute :) Ohh, is this the hole-in-the-wall place you were telling me about? :)

    Tonight, Mardy's taking me out on a date (it's been a long time since we went out to a dinner alone!), and then we're FINALLY going to watch "The King's Speech" (which I'm super excited about). And then...the rest of the weekend, maybe seeing a couple friends and mostly bumming and relaxing...I'm SO glad the weekend's here! :)

    Have a great one, dear Janie ;)

  3. haha! these are awesome! Love your new blog look by the way!


  4. That is absolutely adorable! Have a wonderful weekend, friend! :)

  5. i just one of these for my birthday last week and <3 it!

  6. These are just so adorable - for some reason though they remind me of wallets people had back in the 70's - they have a retro vibe or something!

    Have a wonderful weekend Janie!! xo