Monday, January 3, 2011

Simple Luxuries

...coveting the simple luxuries bag by One Language. Such a simple, lovely design that is still incredibly functional with different pockets and spaces to store all of your little goodies. Best of all, it's made of 100% natural canvas and comes with laptop sleeve that also doubles as another bag. My favorite little detail? Each bag is lined with handwritten, inspirational quotes.

Speaking of simple luxuries, we spent our weekend catching up with friends and family, eating delicious food and relaxing. It was a great way to ring in the new year. I need to do a better job balancing my "work life" and my "social life" - as some small business owners may understand, it's really hard to step away from your job when you are the only employee and the company is your baby. That is one of my resolutions for 2011 - because spending time and catching up with friends and family is what life is really about.

On a side note, I've been rockin' my brand new bunny slippers from Urban Outfitters for a couple of days now. We have pretty destructive pups - when they were puppies, we used to buy them cute, fluffy toys like this and this but they would shred them up in a hot second. Now, the toy collection looks more like this, this and this. In any case, I was terrified that my bunnies would be without eyes and ears the moment I left them out and forgot they where alone with the beasts, uh, I mean awesome pups. But surprisingly, all is well. Eyes? Ears? Nose? Check, check and check. My my, I think our babies are growing up!

(All images from One Language website)


  1. I really like the pockets and fabric on the inside of that bag! I can see why you want it so much :)

  2. This bag is gorgeous. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it'll fit my laptop -- I've been in the market for a new bag.
    And I'm glad your slippers haven't been destroyed. It's hard with animals sometimes; you bring something home and they think it's a toy for them. And you can't say no because they're so darn cute, right?
    I think your resolution is a good one, and something really important we all have to learn. Remember to be strict with yourself when you need to be, but also reward yourself for your hard work.

  3. that bag is soo pretty!!! love the pockets!!
    and yup, i need to do a better job about balancing things this year toO~!!! hope we can both achieve a better balance!!

  4. you and i were definitely meant to be friends. i have this bag. specifically, this bag:

    it was a splurge but i adore it. laptop and molskine fit nicely in the little one. since i adore words + inspired script, it was just a must have.

    great taste there, janie! ; ) we were so meant to be friends.