Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Off to Alt...

I'm super excited to be off to Alt {Altitude Design Summit} today. The schedule and speakers look inspirational and I'm also really psyched to meet up with Brandi, Erin, and finally get to meet Piper, Rachel and Lillian. We're starting off the summit with dinner tonight at a farm to table restaurant, Pago - a highly anticipated feast (at least by me) because the menu looks amazing and I simply cant wait to meet and catch up with these wonderful ladies!

Now please keep your fingers crossed for me... hopefully my flight out of NYC won't be delayed so that I make my connecting flight and arrive on SLC on time and in one piece. Happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. so excited for you. you're feasting with such lovely ladies! enjoy the time there.

  2. Sounds great! Good luck with the flight :)