Monday, January 31, 2011

a little peak of madrid through my lens // food

a little peak of madrid through my lens

tomate // tomato
I've been compulsively eating them like it's my job. So ripe and sweet.
Probably have had more in the past 4 days then the last year.
(raw, not including tomato sauces ;)
did you know: "Tomatoes are the biggest vegetable crop, and the single most eaten foodstuff in Spain. However, Spain is not even in the top 5 tomato producers in the world, which are, in order, the U.S.A,, China, India, Turkey and Italy." -Francis Barrett
jamon de madrid // madrid ham
ham is so widely consumed here (especially iberian ham) that it's basically found in every food market + restaurant in Madrid
a local favorite: french fries with a fried egg or two, topped with lots of iberian ham - variations served at from little pubs to luxe dining establishments


  1. I'm sure you're having such an amazing time...enjoy the warm weather! Gorgeous photos too..can't wait to see more!

  2. wonderful photographs, janie! adore them. hope you're enjoying madrid. cannot wait to hear all about the adventures when you return.

  3. Eat some more tomatoes for me, though skip the ham because that always gives me a tummy ache. I love living vicarious through you and I really can't wait to see more photos!!

  4. Yum. I was just saying how much I miss Spain's jamon. I love the food there. Have you been to their local marketplace yet? It's filled with culinary treasures :)

  5. What artistic pictures! and I too LOVE tomatoes :)

  6. love tomatoes and i love the pictures!

  7. ahh yes, the ham...they even sell it at the airport in yummy sandwiches...have lots of fun! xo

  8. eeek! hope you're having a great trip so far!! miss you, love!