Friday, December 31, 2010

Marc Forgione

Right before Thanksgiving, we went to Marc Forgione to celebrate a dear friend's birthday. It was actually the day after it was announced that he was the new Iron Chef America! (Luckily, the reservation was made well in advance.) The atmosphere was perfect, very inviting and comfortable but still very chic. The food was incredible. Even Ryan, who is an extremely picky eater (you have no idea) happily devoured his food. We plan on going back - there are so many things on the menu that I must try! Who wants to join us? :)

Have a happy and safe New Year's Eve, friends. See you all in 2011~!


  1. Oh my gosh that looks good! Makes me hungry for main courses at 9am!

    Complete sidenote, I wish I had a signature that looked that awesome!

  2. Okay, now I'm hungry. That place has so much atmosphere. I'll definitely go with you when I'm back in NYC.