Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Little Funny + Holiday Cheer

(photo taken by Ryan on our cruise - the heart shaped toast came with dinner!
too sweet not to document.)

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Had to share this little story:

Last night before bed, after taking the trash to the refuse room in our building, Ryan couldn't get our apartment door to close. (I'm far from an expert of the mechanics of door knobs so please excuse this next sentence.) The little thingy in our door wouldn't catch to the side of the wall so we couldn't close the door entirely - which also prevented us from using the deadbolt for some reason... He promptly spent the next 20 minutes trying to figure out the problem - at some point, he even unscrewed the knob off the door, locking us inside. :) Ryan did manage to reattach the knob but still couldn't figure out why it wasn't catching. He suddenly realized that there was a paper bag in the way. It managed to slip between the little gap between the door and the wall on the side of with the hinges. Sure, he could have spent the 20 minutes doing something else, like checking sports scores or changing his fantasy (fill in sport) lineup for the week... but we totally cracked up and had a great laugh.

Little moments like this make me so happy... and love him that much more.


I've been keeping myself busy designing some personal holiday cards. It's a bit late/rushed but time flies (goodness, how is it already the last day of November?) when we're having fun, right?! I'm a true believer that handwritten correspondences are one of life's little luxuries - perhaps it's why I became a stationer.

If you'd like some holiday cheer in the mail, email me [ hello@weheartpaper.com ] your snail mail addy and keep your eyes peeled for a little goodie in the mail about mid Dec.


  1. LOVE the heart toast!! So cute! :D I love your cute little story too <333

  2. Haha! That's SO something we would do!

  3. Can I have snail mail? And I'll bring you cookies as a thank you. Really good cookies. The kind that take time and lots of care to make. The toast is adorable as is your story. Little moments mean so much, don't they?