Monday, October 25, 2010

family fun and cheesesteaks

Ryan and I spent the weekend in Oxford, PA with a short day trip into Philly for cheesesteaks visiting his cousin Eric. Eric and Katie have an adorable 2.5 yr old son, Blake who loves his Mommy, Daddy, Izzy and teddy. (see below) Oxford, PA is just 3 hours from NY but seems worlds apart. The foliage is beautiful this time of year, the neighborhood has tons of Amish markets and included my first horse and buggy sighting. It's nice to spend a weekend relaxing with family, breathing fresh air and seeing the beautiful sights of country living.

meet izzy - she loves cuddling, belly rubs and beggin' strips

our fur babies
barley, gazing out the window, dreaming of chasing birds
princess zoey, perched atop her new throne (aka blake's mini couch + ottoman)

blake, teddy and uncle Ryan
meet blake: his favorite words are NO and MY
NO kisses... MY teddy...

the famous Geno's cheesesteak
Ryan managed to look up how to order before we got up to the window:
one, provolone, with

The cheesesteak was good, no complaints but I wish I could say I loved it. I'm excited about returning and trying a few other joints tho.

big bite, boys

the picture on the right is one of my favorites this weekend
Blake had the giggles that morning while eating pretzels :)

isn't he a cutie pa tootie?

cheers to a fantastic weekend
how was yours?


  1. aw yay loved your pics! looks like a fun time, janie!!! and you guys got to enjoy cheesestakes like you wanted!!!

    happy monday!!!

  2. Such great photos, Janie. That pup reminds me so much of the dog my family had when I was little. And maybe next time when you get there, you try a different cheesecake place. I'll ask some friends who live there where they think the best ones are. And I had a great weekend -- I almost wish the week weren't starting yet.

  3. OMG what a cutie!!!! - and ummmm that cheesestake looks YUM!!!!!!!!!!! - havent' had one in YEARS!

    *kiss kiss*
    PS - love for you to stop by and :
    *Enter Camille Beckman Luxury Give-Away Here*

  4. Look at those CUTE CUTE furbabies! Adorable. You have a really lovely family.

  5. i have mad love for dogs! they are so cute!! and so are all of your pics, actually...gorgeous family :)

  6. What a lovely weekend and what beautiful photos!
    I love the NO kisses and MY teddy. lol!
    HAppy day,

  7. Blake is getting so big these days-
    Hopefully I'll get to accompany you guys on your next trip. See you in a month and a half, you guys coming to Southborough for Christmas?