Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fruit Fly Pie

I recently stumbled across Fruit Fly Pie's shop. The planters, coin banks and trinket holders are all so adorable - I especially love, love, love the cupcake trinket box!


  1. ohh that cupcake box is sooo cute! going to check out the shop now!

  2. okay, I have a slight crush on anything owls and the owls in that shop are too much! I think I need a couple!

    xx Kirby

  3. That deer with the big ears totally reminded me of how hard I cried when I first saw Bambi. Very cute.

  4. haha, thanks janie! the dino costume is AWESOME!! i love it!!

    this turkey one cracks me up (http://www.tailsinthecity.com/Turkey_Halloween_Costume_p/pup-tkyc.htm).

    and i love, love the doggie formal wear!! howie needs a tie just because! :D