Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the (really long) dress story

My first thought about my wedding dress was that I wanted it to be fun, comfortable and short. (Of course, by 'short', I just mean cocktail or tea-length.) I didn't want to lug a long and heavy dress around the dance floor. While my parents didn't object to a short(er) dress, my mother didn't want me to regret not going the traditional route, or at the very least, having a long dress in my wedding photos. Of course, after some research, the prices scared me off. (Think cartoon character with bulging eyes extending from the head and horns blaring.) Since I was never one of those girls that made the dress priority #1, I decided, hey! I'll just rent a long dress. Plus, rationally speaking, it's an one-use only investment. I thought the decision was set. One day, after a disappointing appointment with a florist, my parents and I made a very spontaneous trip to RK Bridal in Manhattan, I found a drop dead gorgeous, couldn't-be-more-perfect dress that also didn't break the bank. Glorious! This new decision meant that I obviously would want my long dress on for more than just the 25 minute ceremony. Now I'll have it on during the ceremony, cocktail hour, and at least the first hour of the reception. I still think I want a shorter dress to change into so I can move freely on the dance floor. Another option would be a western style, short version of a qi-pao, a traditional Chinese dress. Or... maybe both!?

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  1. say yes to a dress change!! i had 3 dresses for my wedding and loved every minute in each dress. i would definitely go with either a chi pao or more fun shorter/flowier dress! i think it would be really hard to dance in a big long dress, even with a bustle!