Friday, January 29, 2010

custom orders and wedding stationery

We Heart Paper has come a long way. I'm so proud to announce that we're taking custom orders and especially, orders for wedding invitations!

I've always had a passion for paper goods - stationery, greeting cards, notebooks, gift tags, etc. Then one day, I found out about letterpress and was just became obsessed. The vibrant colors, the handmade quality and most of all the luxurious impression. Years later, I managed to acquire a vintage Chandler and Price Pilot Press from Ebay and the rest is history I suppose.

I was so very excited when a client contacted me via Etsy for my first custom order. She wanted 'love' tags {pictured above} printed to attach to her large dresden keys. The idea stemmed from one of my valentine's day/love cards.

If you love my 'love' tags, you can find them here.

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  1. wow, a custom order??! that is sooo awesome janie! i love the design around the LOVE! it is soo beautiful! i just know that so many of your wedding details will be soo flawless and gorgeous!